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It is estimated that by year 2025, individuals and businesses alike will produce about 463 exabytes of data per day globally and there will be an estimated 175 zettabytes of data in the global data sphere.

Businesses use data for a variety of reasons; including but not limited to analyzing customer behavior, providing relevant ads, customer centric product trends and analyzing market value.

Thus today data is imperative to a business. As a result most companies are increasingly focusing on their data policies, individuals and businesses are increasingly concerned about ethics surrounding data and privacy laws. But even as these laws emerge, the time taken to comply with these laws officially or unofficially is not very promising.

In fact, in a report recently added to the net, it was disclosed that it takes companies about 62 days to discover a high severity data breach and another 71 days to disclose the said breach. Thus, purely relying on a business to do the right thing when it comes to data breaches and data privacy ethics is not enough.

Kuber Signal is a company that wants companies to be held accountable/responsible by the individual for their data related decisions.

The company quantifies privacy policies for other companies into a standard 4-point metric and a final Goodness score that's comparable across board and then shows these scores to the individual so they can decide what companies keep their data safe.

The metrics are:

1. Personal Data Privacy Goodness Score

2.Behavioral Data Privacy Goodness Score

3.Technical Data Privacy Goodness Score

4. Data Sharing Goodness Score


Each metric measures how much of an individual data is stored, used and shared by the Company, that individual is a customer of the company then shows what companies in the same industry, selling the same product, rank higher than the individual's company of choice.


The company can also track public information around other companies and aims to provide users with the right tools and information so an individual can stay up to date with their specific security concerns, be it companies or other security threats and make better informed choices.

Kuber Signal ultimately provides the user with a privacy score that can help them evaluate them online behavior and help mitigate their data related threats. Kuber Signal is founded by a Data Scientist and a cyber-security expert whose expertise lies in investigating brands for their security posture using AI algorithms. The mission of the company is to ensure an individual is aware of their security posture and a know-how into how to improve it.


The company also provides individual security assessment, cyber news and information on relevant scams in the individual's playground. In conclusion, data privacy and ethics have never had more value than in recent and coming years. Today a data breach is nothing less than a home invasion of yesterday.

This may sound extreme but almost every bit of useful information about a person is somewhere on the internet with some company whose 'terms and conditions' the customer didn't read and if a malicious actor gets access to that data, the consequences for the individuals can be devastating. 

by P. Observer, 07.12.22

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